Day: April 5, 2021

AVer Introduces VB130, New Technology for the Future of Meetings

FREMONT, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AVer Information Inc. USA, the award-winning provider of education technology and video collaboration solutions, announces the VB130, a 4K video bar with intelligent lighting. Designed for small meeting spaces, huddle rooms, and focus rooms, the VB130 is engineered to provide clear imaging and exceptional audio quality for uninterrupted collaboration. Users can upgrade their meeting experience with the VB130’s intelligent built-in lighting for virtual meetings. The VB130’s adjustable five-level fill lighting combined with an automatic light sensor provides the perfect amount of light to illuminate your workspace.

“The future of meeting space technology will rely

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Biden’s Troubling Pick for Deputy Secretary of Education

Joe Biden’s nominee for Deputy Secretary of Education apparently does not believe that it’s necessarily a serious issue if a child gets sexually assaulted at school. Nor does she believe that educators have any moral duty, beyond their bureaucratic obligations, to report such abuse to the authorities. These conclusions can be drawn from simply reading Cindy Marten’s own words—spoken under oath, on penalty of perjury.

Under Marten’s leadership, the San Diego Unified School District became notorious for sweeping sexual abuse under the rug. In 2019, the school district paid a $375,000 settlement to Michael Gurrieri, a former school district investigator

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Work and COVID-19: How the Pandemic Changed Students’ Career Plans

Other events in a cataclysmic 2020 pushed and pulled college students in new directions. The national Black Lives Matter uprisings prompted Ahmari Anthony, a senior and journalism major at Howard University, to pivot from journalism to social work. Right before the pandemic, Anthony was beginning to narrow in on a career in investigative journalism, due to her long-standing interest in criminal and social justice. The week of George Floyd’s death, Anthony attended an investigative reporting workshop. As she read more about the limitations media outlets imposed on how journalists should and shouldn’t report on protests, as well as having

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COVID lowers number of high school students taking college courses

Like many students taking college courses during the coronavirus pandemic, Alexis Lopez struggled with a poor Wi-Fi connection and professors who didn’t offer much support. 

“They couldn’t really help us. They didn’t really know what to do for us,” said Lopez, who remembers becoming so frustrated in front of her computer that she burst out crying. “We had to do everything by ourselves.”

Unlike most college-goers, however, Lopez, who lives in Bastrop, Texas, is still a senior in high school. And the problems forced her to withdraw from two of these classes, saddling her with two unwanted W’s on her

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U confronts troubled history with tribal nations

Every time Kevin DuPuis steps foot in the rugged red pine forest just west of Cloquet, Minn., he’s reminded of the painful truth that this slice of land within the borders of the Fond du Lac Reservation does not belong to his tribe.

For more than a century, the 3,400-acre stretch has been home to the University of Minnesota Cloquet Forestry Center, a research outpost on land the federal government deeded to the university without the tribe’s consent. Members of the Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa have long taken issue with the U’s presence there, demanding transparency

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Surprising nuggets from the WHO report: NPR science correspondent digs in

When COVID-19 first broke out in Wuhan, scientists tracked a large number of the cases to the Huanan Seafood Market in Wuhan. Above: The Wuhan Hygiene Emergency Response Team departs the market on Jan. 11, 2020, after it had been shut down to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Noel Celis/AFP via Getty Images

This week, the World Health Organization finally released its long-awaited report about its investigation into how and where the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Although the main conclusions were roughly what the agency had already reported to the media, deep inside the 300-page paper there are tantalizing nuggets

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