Day: May 3, 2021

‘Her education is going to suffer.’ Wake parents fight to change Virtual Academy policy ::

Sunday is the deadline for Wake County parents to enroll their students in Wake County Public School System’s Virtual Academy. But, their policy says once parents do that, students can’t come to school physically.

Parents with special needs children say they’re frustrated, and are trying to change the rule.

“We really don’t want to be stuck in Virtual Academy,” said parent Patrick Winters. “Her education is going to suffer.”

Winters’ daughter Ari is in prekindergarten at Jeffreys Grove Elementary. She has an auto-inflammatory disease that primarily affects her brain and requires full-time assistance when learning.

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How to Start You Careers As an Equity Research Analyst on Wall Street

  • Insider selected 19 research analysts 35 and under for its 2021 rising-stars list.
  • We asked the up-and-comers to give us their best career advice for those just starting out.
  • Here are some of the top insights, straight from the wunderkinds themselves.

Wall Street’s top equity-research analysts do much more than keep a pulse on the stock market and company-specific news to give clients an edge.

The bold calls on whether to buy, sell, or hold a certain stock come from professionals with a natural curiosity for the sectors they cover, an insatiable appetite to learn, and the ability to disseminate

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Tufts University reports 2 hate incidents on campus in past week

The president of Tufts University announced that two acts of hate happened on campus in the past week.In a letter to the Tufts community, President Tony Monaco says several Asian students were walking along Professors Row when they were verbally assaulted with hateful and anti-Asian rhetoric from people in a passing vehicle.In the second incident, Monaco says members of a Tufts athletic team found a large swastika painted on the shed at Bello Field, which is also used by local community sports organizations.Monaco denounced the anti-Asian and anti-Semitic acts and stated that all in the Tufts community have a responsibility … Read More

14-day rule under review, raising ethical questions

For more than 30 years, scientists have followed a rule they imposed on themselves to avoid growing a human embryo in a lab dish for more than 14 days.

Until recently, the “14-day rule” was largely academic. Scientists couldn’t grow them for that long if they wanted to.

But in 2016, two teams of researchers reached 12 days, and in 2019, another group grew monkey embryos for 19 days.

These advances have spurred some scientists to argue in two recent papers that the 14-day rule should be modified or dropped. There’s a lot to be learned by pushing embryos

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Schools Are Flush With Stimulus Money. Will They Waste It on Unproven Technology?

The Red River Parish school district serves one of the poorest, most rural areas of Northern Louisiana. But thanks to federal spending in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the district there now has two Chromebooks for each of its 1,400 students—and officials expect to receive up to $6 million in additional stimulus funds in the months ahead.

“It probably quadrupled our technology budget,” Superintendent Alison Hughes said of the cash influx.

The federal CARES Act signed into law by former President Donald Trump last March provided school districts with about $13.2 billion through what’s known as the Elementary and

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Technology Information & Matters

Undergraduate and graduate college students got here from all 50 US states in addition to from one hundred fifteen overseas international locations. Many MIT college students also engage in “hacking”, which encompasses both the physical exploration of areas which are generally off-limits , as well as elaborate sensible jokes. Examples of excessive-profile hacks have included the abduction of Caltech’s cannon, reconstructing a Wright Flyer atop the Great Dome, and adorning the John Harvard statue with the Master Chief’s Mjölnir Helmet. The Independent Activities Period is a four-week-long “term” providing tons of of optional courses, lectures, demonstrations, and different actions throughout … Read More