Day: May 5, 2021

Former Education Department boss argues against student loan forgiveness and free community college

An Education Department (ED) secretary during the George W. Bush administration said she was opposed to student debt cancellation and free community college because those policies would distort the value and price of post-secondary education credentials.

“We need to empower consumers with better information about how much they spend and what the value of it is in the marketplace,” former Education Secretary Margaret Spellings said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “We need to reward families and students who make really prudent smart decisions by going to a community college, getting those couple of years under their belt and then

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‘The Chain Reaction’ program helps students pay for AP exams, college application fees

CHATSWORTH, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — The financial uncertainty amid the pandemic is taking a toll on students, especially those who have dreams of pursuing higher education. That’s where a local program comes in to help teens explore their options after graduation.

A college education is a huge investment for many families in Southern California. Taking the Advanced Placement or AP exams and filling out college applications is also a huge expense – expenses that many families simply cannot afford. The Los Angeles-based philanthropic group “The Change Reaction” donated $25,000 to Chatsworth Charter High School to help students pay for their

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Nanoscale nutrients can protect plants from fungal diseases

Chances are, most — if not all — of the produce in your kitchen is threatened by fungal diseases. The threat looms large for food staples of the world such as rice, wheat, potatoes and maize (SN: 9/22/05). Pathogenic fungi are also coming for our coffee, sugarcane, bananas and other economically important crops. Annually, fungal diseases destroy a third of all harvests and pose a dire threat to global food security.

To stop the spread of fungal diseases, farmers fumigate the soil with toxic chemicals that lay waste to the land, sparing not even the beneficial microbes teeming

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Virtual learning is taking a toll on kids

In a small side office plastered with motivational posters, Katy Bova spent her morning like she often does: asking questions about capitalization, using her hands and arms to point out inflections in a sentence and discussing current events with a gaggle of restless seven-year-olds. 

Her second grade students, who attend Rhoades Elementary School in Wayne Township, moved quickly to imitate her, stretching their arms wide when they encountered a capital letter and squeezing their hands together at the lowercase ones.

But to see them, the teacher navigated between computers packed onto her desk, rearranging her students’ onscreen video tiles to

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LinkedIn’s Top Companies for Career Growth List Omits Pay, Race Data

  • Linkedin published its list of the top US companies for career growth, ranking Amazon first.
  • LinkedIn’s revamped criteria this year included factors like promotion rates and gender diversity.
  • But the list didn’t consider other key factors like pay and racial diversity.
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In his final letter to shareholders as Amazon’s CEO earlier this month, Jeff Bezos downplayed concerns about the company’s working conditions, defending it as “Earth’s best employer and Earth’s safest place to work.”

The letter came on the heels of Amazon’s aggressive anti-union campaign, multiple illegal firings of whistleblowers, a tripling in

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Tuesday Tips: 11 Ways to Use Up Your College or High School Club’s Budget

Use it or lose it!

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During a normal season, ultimate frisbee college and high school teams don’t have a problem spending money. They need to pay for bid fees, transportation, gas, hotels, and other traveling expenses.

But, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this past season has been anything but normal. Most college and high club teams have barely touched their funds, as

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