June 15, 2021

Day: May 8, 2021

Alison Collins wants $87 million for damage to her career. These SFUSD employees say she destroyed theirs

Using dramatic language interspersed with poems, biblical passages and accusations of racism, her March lawsuit detailed how the vote — a response to comments Collins made on social media attacking Asian Americans — had harmed her career, reputation and enjoyment of life while causing anxiety, fear, embarrassment and “spiritual injury to her soul.”

About 2,500 miles from San Francisco, in Oaxaca, Mexico, Patricia Theel could only marvel at the irony.

Someone had come after Theel, directly causing her, she said, to lose two jobs she loved, the first as principal of Francisco Middle School in North Beach and then in

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Judson College, fifth-oldest women’s college, closing

Judson College, the fifth-oldest women’s college in the United States, is closing after 183 years.

The Judson board of trustees voted today to close the Baptist-affiliated school for women in Marion, The Alabama Baptist reported.

Judson College was founded in 1838.

The school had asked for help in December to remain open after declining enrollment and financial difficulties caused by COVID-19. In January, the college announced it had raised $1.3 million and that it would open for the spring semester.

But today, the board voted to suspend academic operations and move toward filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as the

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University of Kentucky medical student dies in cliff fall

A 24-year-old University of Kentucky student died after falling off a cliff while hiking on Monday, authorities said.

The woman, identified by the university as second-year medical student Gabby Smith, was found Tuesday in the Auxier Ridge area of the Red River Gorge, the Lexington Herald Ledger reported.

Rescue workers were able to locate Smith using GPS coordinates obtained by pinging her phone and watch, authorities said.

She was found dead at the bottom of a 150-foot cliff, according to Powell County Search and Rescue.

“We did not get the results that we wanted,” the rescue group said on its

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Science with Sam: Do aliens exist?

Do aliens exist? It’s a question that has spawned countless films and TV series, books, podcasts, artwork and conspiracy theories, but the question of whether or not we are truly alone in the universe remains unanswered. In this episode of Science with Sam, we explain the ongoing hunt for extra-terrestrial life and whether or not they might already be here.

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We humans are obsessed with the idea that we’re

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Why it’s vital that teachers are at the heart of edtech development

This pandemic has shown us all the important role education technology (edtech) can play but, even more importantly, we have seen how vital it is that these technologies are designed in consultation with teaching professionals. The primary purpose of most edtech is to improve the learning experience for students and streamline lesson delivery for teachers – thus helping solve the growing issue of educators’ unmanageable workloads. However, when educational technologies are created without teacher input, even with the best of intentions, it can in fact hinder the learning process for students and add to teachers’ already cumbersome workloads.

I firmly

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Epic Charter Schools needs to makes changes, Oklahoma grand jury says

The state’s multicounty grand jury on Thursday called for the board of Epic Charter Schools to “extricate itself from its incestuous relationship” with a private management company formed by Epic’s co-founders.

Grand jurors issued a 25-page interim report as they continue to investigate Epic and Epic Youth Services, the company that has run the school system since its founding.

“It is hoped changes will allow the parents to have confidence in a public school motivated by a desire to improve education outcomes and not by profit,” the grand jury stated. “The citizens of Oklahoma demand more. The students in Oklahoma

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