June 15, 2021

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Golden Gate University Classes Remain Online Through Summer 2021

The university, which has a long history of online instruction, moved to all remote learning in March 2020 in response to San Francisco Bay Area shelter-in-place orders.

“From the first day of the pandemic and restrictions on in-person instruction, we have been supporting a high-quality learning experience for our students,” Fike said. “We know this from student feedback and the fact that we are enjoying strong enrollment from both returning and new students.”

Although the roll-out of vaccines may ultimately make it possible to teach in-person courses this summer, the school chose to make its decision now so that students,

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What is a holepunch cloud? Texans takes in this unusual phenomenon

An interesting sight was spotted by individuals in Midland, Texas of a cloud known as “Hole Punch” cloud or “Fallstreaks” Tuesday afternoon.

The cloud received its name due to the resemblance of a circular gap in the middle of a cloudy sky and giving the appearance of cloud streaks falling from the center. This is a rare phenomenon that can be explained with science.

The event takes place in mid-level clouds that are made up of what are called supercooled water droplets, water below the freezing state of 32 degrees, but not entirely frozen as it remains suspended in air

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Parler CEO John Matze says he was fired by board

(Reuters) – The board of Parler, a social media platform backed by Republican Party donor Rebekah Mercer and favored by U.S conservatives, has fired its CEO John Matze, he said on Wednesday.

FILE PHOTO: A screengrab of Parler.com website and Parler CEO John Matze’s message on January 16, 2021, reading “Hello world, is this thing on?”, seen in this picture obtained on January 17, 2021 from social media. PARLER.COM WEBSITE /via REUTERS T

Matze confirmed the move to Reuters, after it was originally reported by Fox News, and said that he had not been

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College basketball rankings: Losses by Villanova and Houston lead to shake-up in top five of new Top 25 And 1


This season has been filled with wild results — starting as early as the Friday after Thanksgiving, when San Francisco upset Virginia on a neutral court in Connecticut. But no single weekday has been wilder than Wednesday thanks to two top-five teams losing to unranked opponents in games that were mostly uncompetitive.

Final score: St. John’s 70, Villanova 59.

Final score: East Carolina 82, Houston 73.

So Villanova’s nine-game winning streak is no more. And Houston’s eight-game winning streak is no more. The byproduct of those developments is a shakeup in Thursday morning’s updated CBS Sports Top 25 And

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DOJ drops discrimination lawsuit against Yale University

The Department of Justice has voluntarily dismissed a lawsuit against Yale University on Wednesday. The action, filed in October under the Trump administration, accused the college of discriminating against Asian and Caucasian applicants.


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A DOJ spokesperson told FOX Business that the decision was made “in light of all available facts, circumstances and legal developments”, including the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit’s decision in Nov. 2020 to reject a challenge to Harvard University’s consideration of race in its admissions process.

In addition, the agency has withdrawn

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‘Smallest reptile on earth’ discovered

a close up of a frog: The Brookesia has a body just 13.5mm long

© Reuters
The Brookesia has a body just 13.5mm long

Scientists believe they may have discovered the smallest reptile on earth – a chameleon subspecies that is the size of a seed.

Two of the tiny lizards were discovered by a German-Madagascan expedition team in Madagascar.

The male Brookesia nana, or nano-chameleon, has a body of just 13.5 mm.

This makes it the smallest of around 11,500 known species of reptiles, according to the Bavarian State collection of Zoology in Munich.

Its length from top to tail is 22mm.

The female is far bigger at around 29mm, the institute said,

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