Companies Should Do More to Normalize Career Breaks

LinkedIn recently took steps to make it easier for people who take extended career breaks to better represent that time on their profiles. This is one step on normalizing such breaks. But companies can do more — and one step they should consider is better promotion and categorization of return-to-work programs.

In late March, LinkedIn announced that its dropdown menus for creating a profile will now include “Stay at Home Parent” and other designations to indicate that someone spent time away from the traditional workforce. The move came after recent criticism that some of the networking platform’s format requirements —

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Google offers certificate program to get into high-demand careers without a college degree

Many job seekers may feel that they are not eligible for high-paying, in-demand careers without a college degree or a resume full of experience.

The folks at Google tell the Rebound Arizona, that is not the case.

They have expanded their Google Career Certificate program to help fill roughly 1.3 million open technology jobs that often have a starting salary between $60,000 to $70,000 for entry-level positions.

“You have 130 employers who have signed up to hire graduates of the Google Career Certificate,” explained Grow with Google Vice President Lisa Gevelber. “So they weighed in… they all looked at the

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Best Career Advice: 12 Teen Vogue Staffers Share What They’ve Learned About Work

When the pandemic happened and we started working from home, I realized that just because I might not have other plans at 10 pm doesn’t mean I need to be responding to emails and working on projects all night. We’re all dealing with fear, loss, and anxiety during this pandemic, and there are some days when you just can’t bring yourself to perform at your job to your fullest potential. That’s okay. I learned to prioritize my own mental health and my life outside of work by taking walks without my phone, turning off Slack notifications at a certain hour

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Aari McDonald proud of career at Arizona

(Photo: USA TODAY Sports)

Aari McDonald held an emotional press conference after Arizona’s loss to Stanford on Sunday night and she took plenty of time to credit her teammates.

“What I’ll remember most is just how strong they are,” McDonald said. “No matter what situation, adversity, myself, my teammates, we always fought, the coaches. Man, just a good group of ladies that I played with. I’ll remember most this ride. I mean, we had a great run in the NCAA tournament. We accomplished a lot that many didn’t think we could do. It was tough, but I’m very proud

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Bill Cleary reflects on successful career as Serra Catholic basketball coach, athletic director | Trib HSSN


Friday, April 2, 2021 | 2:36 PM

As Bill Cleary reflects on his 30-plus-year career at Serra Catholic, he has more than a few fond memories to look back on.

From winning four WPIAL championships and a state title in 2005, to the bonds he shared with players, coaches,

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Alan Thicke’s Career Hit a Low Point Right Before His Audition

The late Canadian actor and songwriter Alan Thicke rose to fame hosting various Canadian game TV shows in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Today, many fans best know him for his role as Dr. Jason Seaver on Growing Pains, a 1980s sitcom that ran for six seasons.

That role won Thicke a Golden Globe nomination, as well as an induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame. But before he embodied Dr. Seaver, Thicke’s career looked very different. And in his own words, he was at a low point before Growing Pains changed his life.

Thicke calls his pre-‘Growing Pains’

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