Democrats introduce most progressive plan yet to help college athletes earn money

A bill introduced in Congress on Thursday is perhaps the most progressive proposal yet to allow college athletes to earn money from endorsements, stripping the NCAA of much of its authority on the issue and allowing college athletes to seek representation and band together to secure group licensing deals.

Coaches in the ACC announced a unified stance that the 2021 NCAA tournament should include all Division I teams. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, File)

Coaches in the ACC announced a unified stance that the 2021 NCAA tournament should include all Division I teams. (AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, File)

The bill comes just a few weeks after the NCAA delayed a vote that would have helped pave the way for athletes to pursue moneymaking opportunities from use

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College basketball rankings: Losses by Villanova and Houston lead to shake-up in top five of new Top 25 And 1


This season has been filled with wild results — starting as early as the Friday after Thanksgiving, when San Francisco upset Virginia on a neutral court in Connecticut. But no single weekday has been wilder than Wednesday thanks to two top-five teams losing to unranked opponents in games that were mostly uncompetitive.

Final score: St. John’s 70, Villanova 59.

Final score: East Carolina 82, Houston 73.

So Villanova’s nine-game winning streak is no more. And Houston’s eight-game winning streak is no more. The byproduct of those developments is a shakeup in Thursday morning’s updated CBS Sports Top 25 And

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Minus fanfare, small college football getting underway

The next wave of college football arrives this weekend when a handful of NCAA Division III and NAIA programs begin some form of a delayed season

“We’ve all joked around at some point, like, if they tell me to wear a funny hat and dress weird and hop on one leg, and that’s what we got to do to be able to give these kids this experience, that’s what we’ll do,” McAdams said.

The next wave arrives Saturday when a handful of NCAA Division III

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‘It became our college’s Confederate flag’: Saddleback College gets rid of ‘racist’ mascot

After years of turmoil and heated debate, Saddleback College announced this week that it’s getting rid of its mascot, one that many see as a racist caricature.

Saddleback President Elliot Stern made the decision to retire the school’s gaucho mascot following a petition signed by hundreds, several community forums and recommendations from the school’s three governing bodies.

“It became our college’s Confederate flag,” Stern said over the phone, alluding to the controversial banner seen by many as a symbol of racism and slavery.

The Gaucho mascot, depicting an angry Mexican man riding a horse, has long drawn comparisons with the

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Will College Football Get Back to Normal in 2021?

The question was simple enough.

“Will we back to normal for the 2021 college football season?”

It was live radio so I didn’t have long to ponder my answer. So the best I could come up with was: “It depends on how you define ‘normal.’

If you define “normal” as filing up a 100,000-seat stadium for football and tailgating on every square foot surrounding it, if I’m being honest I have to say that I just don’t see it.

I sure hope I’m wrong about that.

I sure hope that sometime this summer Dr. Anthony Fauci will give us his

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Highest-paying consulting firms for college graduates

  • Consultants with a bachelor’s or master’s degree can earn well over six-figures.
  • We compiled a list of the 15 highest-paying firms for undergrad and graduate hires. 
  • Employees at a big firm like Accenture can earn $130,600 in total compensation.
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MBAs aren’t the only grads who can make high salaries working for a management consulting firm.

Candidates with bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees can also earn six-figures. 

Consultants at Accenture Strategy, for example, can make a $79,500 base salary — and that doesn’t include performance, signing bonuses, and relocation reimbursements, which typically are $51,500. Smaller

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