Citing ‘unfinished business,’ LaFontaine returning to Minnesota for fifth college hockey season in 2021-22 | College Hockey

Minnesota goalie Jack LaFontaine helped the Gophers win the Big Ten tournament title this season (photo: Jim Rosvold).

Minnesota goalie Jack LaFontaine has informed the Gophers that he will return for a third year with the program and fifth overall collegiate campaign in 2021-22.

“I love it here at the University of Minnesota, I love my teammates and I love the culture we are building,” LaFontaine said in a news release. “I have some unfinished business, and this team has unfinished business, so we are excited to get back to work and see this journey through.”

LaFontaine emerged as one

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Greg Hansen: Wildcats chop down the elite, herald new era of women’s college hoops | Greg Hansen

The women’s Final Four got a late start, 1982. It is marking remarkable progress but is still struggling to get out of a Wooden-type phase. It has been too much UConn the way the men’s game used to be too much UCLA.

And then — timmmberrrr! — Arizona chopped down UConn on Friday night, setting up Sunday afternoon’s showdown with Stanford for the national title. It wasn’t more of the same. It wasn’t a predictable coronation of Geno Auriemma, whose team has won more Final Four titles, 11, than Wooden ever did.

In the first 10 minutes of Friday’s game,

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COVID lowers number of high school students taking college courses

Like many students taking college courses during the coronavirus pandemic, Alexis Lopez struggled with a poor Wi-Fi connection and professors who didn’t offer much support. 

“They couldn’t really help us. They didn’t really know what to do for us,” said Lopez, who remembers becoming so frustrated in front of her computer that she burst out crying. “We had to do everything by ourselves.”

Unlike most college-goers, however, Lopez, who lives in Bastrop, Texas, is still a senior in high school. And the problems forced her to withdraw from two of these classes, saddling her with two unwanted W’s on her

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How The Covid-19 Pandemic Hurt Community Colleges and Its Students

The coronavirus pandemic has been uniquely hard on America’s working class, causing higher unemployment among people without college degrees and eliminating low-wage jobs by the millions. Now, the education system created to help those very workers also is in jeopardy.

Colleges of all types are struggling under the shadow of the coronavirus, but the nation’s community college system has been disproportionately hurt, with tens of thousands of students being forced to delay school or drop out because of the pandemic and the economic crisis it has created.

Enrollment is down by 9.5 percent at the more than 1,000 two-year colleges

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The Man Who Made Online College Work

Covid has pummeled universities, robbing them of a mode of teaching in use for centuries. Almost every class at almost every institution migrated online, giving rise to fears that students are being taught significantly less well than they should be, even as they’re denied the social and cultural benefits of campus life. Some worry—or hope—that campuses will never fully recover from the pandemic. Underlying this forecast is the expectation that online teaching may become the norm even after the novel coronavirus has been vanquished.

Zvi Galil disputes the premises that we should be afraid of online instruction and that teaching

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What Biden is considering for student debt

WASHINGTON – The Biden administration entered the White House with an eye toward relieving the strain of student loan debt, particularly amid the added financial burden of the coronavirus pandemic.

On Day One in office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order extending a pause student federal loan payments enacted by the previous administration as part of COVID-19 relief. Liberal activists and lawmakers urged the president to go further and cancel student loan debt, but he has said firmly that he does not believe he has the authority to do so by executive order.

President Joe Biden signs the American

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