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Lessons from a year of remote education

As students head back to the classroom, the framework for traditional education has changed considerably. Schools have invested heavily in digital technology and although the pandemic has highlighted issues of digital inequality, when given the right environment, it has been proven to have huge benefits for students; for example, research shows that schools using a virtual learning environment have higher general pupil engagement level than schools not using them.

More than a year into the pandemic, it’s important to think about the lessons schools can learn from remote learning and consider a more digitally focused strategy that optimises learning and

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Could Technology Ever Be Part of Montessori Education?

The Montessori education method has provided children and teenagers across the globe a better chance of living a successful life as an adult. This is the primary driving force behind the entire method of education. However, the Montessori method appears to produce higher results than traditional education does. 

Several contributing factors lead to this. There is first the student-centric perspective of learning. Everything that happens in a Montessori classroom was developed due to the idea that learners are curious, by nature, about the world around them. They want to learn new things each day. 

The Role of the Teacher


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Challenges in IT in education in MEA

School closures have meant the sudden need to adapt to remote or (later) blended learning.

Facing a global challenge

Now, of course, there’s much discussion about what education will look like post-COVID. Children are returning to schools across the world, and in-class learning – albeit with varying levels of controls and restrictions in place – is, generally, returning as the way of doing things.

However, most educators and commentators are clear that our experiments with online learning during 2020-21 have left a significant impact on the way learning will happen in future. Debate is centred, in particular, on how much

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Some kids never logged on to remote school. Now what?

In December, Connecticut Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont declared his state the first in the country to get a laptop computer for every elementary and high school student who needed one for remote learning.

That moment was significant, and not just because state education commissioner Miguel Cardona was on the verge of being named President Joe Biden’s pick to replace Betsy DeVos as education secretary in Washington. Record marveled at how quickly her students and classes shifted to online learning. One former Lamont aide likened Connecticut’s benchmark to nailing the final, golden spike into the transcontinental railroad.

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Making the case for esports in education

With over 500m people watching esports around the world, and viewership of top tier games frequently outstripping that of major sports like hockey and basketball, it’s clear that the esports industry and its legions of fans are here to stay.

Yet, this surge in popularity hasn’t done as much to ease skepticism and stereotypes in the last decade as many might have hoped. Esports is still often seen as a niche, overwhelmingly male, interest, which is a shame because it has the potential to become its own distinct entity combining the best of sports and video games – and perhaps

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Derek Li, Founder of Squirrel Ai Learning, Honored with 2020 BETT Asia Leadership Award

The British Educational Technology in Teaching (BETT) Awards are to encourage new teaching methods, innovative teaching concepts, and innovation that combines technology with education, considered the world’s largest and most authoritative awards in educational products. Opened to the whole world, the BETT awards are evaluated by globally famous educators in reference to the feedback of schools and users. Representative of the evaluation breadth, height and recognition of the global education circles, the BETT awards are reputed as the Oscars in the global educational technology community.

The Leadership Award is granted to individuals who continually raise educational technology standards in educational

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