Education app adds Black girl hair after TN first-grader speaks up

All people have the power to create change, including 7-year-old Morgan Bugg of Brentwood.

In early April, Morgan was using the educational app Freckle as a part of her online, first-grade curriculum at Edmondson Elementary School. The online platform is gamified, giving students the opportunity to win coins while completing activities geared toward reading and math enhancement.

Upon successfully completing Freckle learning activities, Bugg went to redeem her coins and style her own avatar. However, when she arrived at the virtual store, she realized there were no hairstyle options for Black female students like her.

At the time, there was

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Career Reboot: From App Developer to Aquarium Ace

When Kenny Lin was a child growing up in southern China, his family didn’t have much money. His entertainment came from nature: keeping pet chickens, climbing trees, chasing frogs. “I’d be that weird kid with some insect in my hand, scaring everyone. But to me, that was fun,” he says.

Even in New York City, where his family moved when he was young, he tried to tame pigeons and catch cicadas. His mother worked long hours sewing pockets on shirts at a local clothing factory, making 6 cents apiece. The family struggled financially, but nature was a familiar refuge.


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Box Tops for Education Struggles After Switch to an App

Then, in the summer of 2019, General Mills announced in a press release that the program was “saying goodbye to old-school clipping and going digital.” The rollout of the app over the past year and a half has been rocky. Within a couple of weeks of the launch, parents on Facebook were expressing concerns about privacy. In October 2019, just three months after the app was introduced, an ABC affiliate in Sacramento reported that users were frustrated with it, and warned that “if the company fails to fix problems with the app, public schools could be in for a

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