Harvard College Accepts Record-Low 3.43% of Applicants to Class of 2025 | News

Harvard College accepted 3.43 percent of applicants to the Class of 2025 — 1,968 students out of the 57,435 who applied — marking the lowest admissions rate in College history in a year that saw an unprecedented surge in applications.

This year’s record-low admissions rate is down from the 4.92 percent of students admitted to the Class of 2024 and eclipses the previous record-low 4.50 percent of applicants admitted to the Class of 2023. The College saw a record-high number of applicants this year, surpassing the previous record of 43,330 applicants to the Class of 2023 and increasing 43 percent

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Brown admits 2,537 students to the undergraduate Class of 2025

PROVIDENCE, R.I. [Brown University] — On Tuesday, April 6, Brown University made 1,652 offers of admission to prospective members of next year’s entering undergraduate class. These admitted students from Brown’s regular decision applicant pool join the 885 early decision applicants offered admission last December for an admitted class of 2,537.

A total of 46,568 prospective students applied to attend Brown — a 27% increase from last year, and the University’s largest applicant pool to date by nearly 8,000 students.

“Brown was incredibly fortunate to select its incoming class from a vast and deep pool of extraordinary applicants,” said Dean of

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Education officials consider dropping MCAS graduation requirement for class of 2022

Massachusetts Education Commissioner Jeffrey Riley is asking the state’s Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to modify the state graduation requirements for the class of 2022. If approved, this year’s 11th graders will not be required to take the MCAS test. In addition, the timeline for administering the tests in grades 3 through 8 and 10 will be extended to June 11 in an effort to provide maximum flexibility for school districts.If approved Riley will modify the competency determination requirement in English language arts and mathematics for students in the class of 2022 in recognition of the missed testing opportunities … Read More

University admits 3,446 to class of 2025, sets record-low acceptance rate // The Observer

The University announced Friday it admitted 1,771 students to the class of 2025 during the regular decision process. With 1,673 students admitted during the restrictive early action (REA) process in December, the University admitted a total of 3,446 students out of 23,639 applicants for a record-low acceptance rate of 14.6%.

Of the 1,712 deferred students from REA, 145 were accepted as part of the regular decision admitted pool. Represented among the total applicant pool were 8,030 high schools. Among admitted students, 2,175 high schools were represented.

Associate vice president for undergraduate enrollment Don Bishop said the COVID-19 pandemic made this

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Proposed bill would put the brakes on mandatory Idaho driver’s education class

If approved, the bill would also extend the learner’s permit period to two years and drivers wouldn’t be able to get their license until age 16.

BOISE, Idaho — The rules of the road, for many Idahoans, were learned by studying a driver’s handbook and taking a mandatory driver’s education class, usually while in high school.

A proposed bill in the Idaho House would remove the driver’s ed class requirement, giving parents a choice on whether or not their child takes it.

If approved by the Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Brad Little, the bill would allow teens

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Paul McCartney Surprises University’s Songwriting Class