June 15, 2021


Pegasus California School Sells Inside Track to Top US Universities to Chinese Elite

The Val Verde Unified School District, in the heart of Southern California’s Inland Empire, isn’t a bad place to get a public education, all things considered. It’s not as well heeled as some of the wealthier Los Angeles exurbs to the west, where districts can spend up to $21,000 a student — Val Verde budgets just over half that. And the majority of its 20,000 students come from low-income families and are eligible for free or reduced lunch.

Still, Val Verde has an enviable 93% graduation rate, and the surrounding Riverside County sends the majority of its graduates to college

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Too ‘woke’ to work? Magazine editor says elite universities ‘damaging’ students

A magazine editor explained on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday why he’s reconsidering whether to hire Ivy league graduates.

“I would just say that 10 years ago I would have seen that as a big positive on their resume and now I see it as a negative that they have to overcome in the interview because obviously there is going to be great kids all over in higher [education] at different schools,” said the editor of “First Things” magazine Rusty Reno.

Reno said back then, the negative tendencies of Ivy League graduates was that they had a “sense of entitlement” and

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Elite US science academy expels astronomer Geoff Marcy following harassment complaints

Geoffrey Marcy resigned in 2015 from the University of California, Berkeley, where an investigation had found him guilty of sexual harassment.Credit: Nikas Halle’n/AFP via Getty

The US National Academy of Sciences (NAS) has terminated astronomer Geoffrey Marcy’s membership, in light of sexual-harassment complaints — the first time the respected group has expelled a member.

The action comes two years after the NAS introduced a code of conduct that would allow the organization to expel members “for the most egregious violations … including for proven cases of sexual harassment”.

The 158-year-old academy changed its by-laws following pressure from the scientific

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Elite Universities Welcome More Diverse Freshman Class

Jianna Curbelo attends a career-focused public high school in New York City, works at McDonald’s and lives in the Bronx with her unemployed mother, who did not graduate from college.

So when her high-school counselor and her Ph.D.-educated aunt urged her to apply to Cornell, on her path to becoming a veterinarian, she had her doubts. But she also had her hopes.

“It was one of those, ‘I’ll give it a shot, boost my ego a little bit,’” she said, laughing infectiously, of her decision to apply.

Then she got the unexpected news: She was accepted. She figured she was

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Greg Hansen: Wildcats chop down the elite, herald new era of women’s college hoops | Greg Hansen

The women’s Final Four got a late start, 1982. It is marking remarkable progress but is still struggling to get out of a Wooden-type phase. It has been too much UConn the way the men’s game used to be too much UCLA.

And then — timmmberrrr! — Arizona chopped down UConn on Friday night, setting up Sunday afternoon’s showdown with Stanford for the national title. It wasn’t more of the same. It wasn’t a predictable coronation of Geno Auriemma, whose team has won more Final Four titles, 11, than Wooden ever did.

In the first 10 minutes of Friday’s game,

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