June 15, 2021


Woman killed in DeSoto crash remembered for helping countless Dallas ISD students go to college

A Dallas high school community is devastated after a woman who has helped countless teens get on track to go to college lost her life in a car crash.

Dallas ISD colleagues and students are mourning the loss of a woman considered a mentor to many. She died Sunday after DeSoto police say

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TikTok is helping job seekers with interview tips and career advice

“I didn’t even think about hiring a professional coach until I saw her videos,” House said.

Owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, TikTok says it does not track data on the growth of its number of career-related “creators.” But the company said the hashtag #careeradvice gained serious momentum in the first few months of 2021, growing to more than 80 million video views a day by mid-February.

The company is now cultivating career-related videos about interview tips or job skills, along with other how-to content areas such as recipes, financial advice, math skills and home DIY videos. Last spring, the company announced

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College students are falling in love with white supremacy. Rep. Paul Gosar is helping.

Amid all the verbose, consternated op-eds in fancy newspapers that certain writers have composed about left-wing cancel culture and nascent Stalinism growing among educated youth, nary a drop of ink has been spilled from their pens about a national constellation of College Republicans who have gone rogue — and fallen fast and hard into the arms of the far right.

Earlier this month, on March 12, the College Republicans chapter at Iowa State University announced it had voted to cut ties with the group’s national committee — citing the College Republican National Committee’s supposed desire to “liberalize and destroy

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Jason Momoa’s ‘Baywatch’ Role at 19 Hurt His Career Instead of Helping It

Jason Momoa is a popular actor, best known to many fans as Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones series, and as Aquaman in the DC Extended Universe. Momoa is beloved by pop culture fans all around the world and seems to really revel in his fame, often attending conventions and meeting with fans, no matter where he happens to be.

Although Momoa has achieved the pinnacle of fame, there was a time when he really struggled to find acting jobs — and as he once revealed to Entertainment Weekly, one of his early breakthrough roles actually handicapped him

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How a 2-Day Boot Camp Is Helping Ph.D.s Identify Career Options

One of the more vexing challenges we face in reforming doctoral training is that it remains so parochial. It’s not unusual for professors to be unaware of an innovation taking place at the university across town — or even one being tried by the department down the hall. As for doctoral reform in other countries, well, they may as well be on other planets. Even though international communication is easier than ever before, most academics in the United States have little idea of the workings of higher education in other nations.

Such educational isolationism holds us back. Doctoral programs around

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How a new program in Victorville is helping community college students experiencing homelessness

VICTORVILLE, Calif. (KABC) — A new program in Victorville is working to provide housing support and case management for community college students who, in many cases, would be considered homeless.

Kaitlyn Moore is a freshman at Victor Valley College who until recently wasn’t always sure where she would sleep at night.

“I feel like there’s a lot of other people that are too, but they’re just scared to come out because they’re just feeling like I was,” she said.

Moore is now part of the program called It Takes a Village, a joint effort led in part by the non-profit

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