Illinois college professors gush about teaching social justice on Zoom: ‘I’m living the life over here’

Two Chicago-based professors were caught gushing about teaching social justice in the classroom during a school board meeting held via Zoom in February.

Roosevelt University Professors Ralph Martire and Gina Harris, who also serve on the Oak Park and River Forest High School school board, discussed using social justice to “organize society,” as local publication West Cook News first reported this week.

“I mean, it’s all social justice. All day, every day I get to talk about all the things I love,” Harris told Martire during the recorded meeting after he inquired about her new position at the university —

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Scientists Create the Next Generation of Living Robots


Xenobots exhibit cooperative swarm activity, in this case working together to gather piles of tiny particles. Credit: Doug Blackiston, Tufts University

Artificial living organisms can move material in swarms and record information.

Last year, a team of biologists and computer scientists from Tufts University and the University of Vermont (UVM) created novel, tiny self-healing biological machines from frog cells called “Xenobots” that could move around, push a payload, and even exhibit collective behavior in the presence of a swarm of other Xenobots.

Get ready for Xenobots 2.0.

The same team has now created life forms that self-assemble a body from

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Frog skin cells turned themselves into living machines

Using blobs of skin cells from frog embryos, scientists have grown creatures unlike anything else on Earth, a new study reports. These microscopic “living machines” can swim, sweep up debris and heal themselves after a gash.

Scientists often strive to understand the world as it exists, says Jacob Foster, a collective intelligence researcher at UCLA not involved with this research. But the new study, published March 31 in Science Robotics, is part of a “liberating moment in the history of science,” Foster says. “A reorientation towards what is possible.”

In a way, the bots were self-made. Scientists removed

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