Latest mayoral candidate Mark Gudgel puts education first

Mark Gudgel and his wife Sonia have lived in the Field Club area for the last five years. Gudgel grew up in Valentine, NE, and worked as a teacher in Lincoln and is now a teacher at Omaha North High School. “I teach mostly seniors,” Gudgel said. Gudgel said he should be the next mayor because he has Omaha’s best interest at heart. “Omaha needs a leader. He said we have a manager. We need a leader. And I do think that that’s what I bring to the table is also what we lack and that’s vision,” Gudgel said. Gudgel’s … Read More

Missouri college plans virtual event to mark 75th anniversary of ‘Iron Curtain’ speech

FULTON, Mo. (AP) – A small mid-Missouri college is preparing to celebrate the 75th anniversary of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech in which he warned of the former Soviet Union’s expansion of communism, ushering in the era of the Cold War.

COVID-19 restrictions are forcing the commemoration on Friday at Westminster College in Fulton to be virtual. A highlight will include a panel discussion of historians, authors and other notable figures led by Washington Post columnist George Will. Plans include the debut of a documentary and a new virtual exhibit from America’s National Churchill Museum at Westminster.

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Mark Rober Built a Robot That Can Kick World’s Longest Field Goal

As an inventor and engineer who has formerly worked with NASA and Apple, Mark Rober has the kind of mind that lends itself to coming up with innovative solutions to questions nobody else might think to ask. Questions like: “I wonder if I can build a robot capable of breaking an NFL world record?”

In honor of this weekend’s Super Bowl festivities, Rober did just that, inviting Matt Prater of the Detroit Lions to join him on the field and defend his title as the current record holder of the world’s longest field goal, at 64 yards.

According to Prater,

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