June 15, 2021


Milwaukee Millennials Recommend Improvements To Education, Health, Policing To Stop Brain Drain

With thousands of young Black and brown Milwaukeeans migrating every year to larger cities including Atlanta, Washington D.C. and Houston, a group of young professionals has come up with recommendations to keep their colleagues from leaving. 

Milwaukee’s Millennial Task Force has spent the last year studying the city’s so-called brain drain. The group presented their findings and recommendations early this month to the Milwaukee Common Council’s Community and Economic Development Committee.

“While Milwaukee has comparatively low cost of living and opportunities for entrepreneurship, the high rates of poverty, insufficient educational systems, segregation, limited cultural scenes and concerns about public safety

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Florida teachers concerned about critical race theory ‘policing’ in classrooms

Recent comments from the Florida Department of Education commissioner are raising concerns among educators throughout the state that political agendas are seeping their way into classroom instruction and halting the education process around both historic and current events.

While speaking at an event at Hillsdale College, a private conservative school in Michigan, Richard Corcoran was asked about critical race theory — a movement that examines the intersections of race, law and equity — more specifically, how to keep the topic out of schools. Corcoran used the opportunity to champion the Florida Department of Education’s Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking, known

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Biden, Claiming ‘Systemic Racism’ in Policing, Defies Science

‘Absolutely,” President Biden said last year when a reporter asked him if he believes there’s “systemic racism in law enforcement.” That’s hard to square with a presidential memorandum Mr. Biden recently issued, stating: “It is the policy of my Administration to make evidence-based decisions guided by the best available science and data.” The claim of “systemic racism in law enforcement” defies the best available science and data.

In a report released days before Mr. Biden’s inauguration, the Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics examined whether people of different races were arrested to a degree that was disproportionate to their involvement

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