June 15, 2021


U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona backs transgender athletes’ rights

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona told ESPN that transgender girls have a “right to compete” and suggested that the Biden administration will step in to protect those students’ civil rights, as multiple states enact legislation banning transgender athletes from competing in girls’ and women’s sports.

On June 1, the first day of Pride Month, Florida became the eighth state to ban transgender athletes from girls’ and women’s competitions. In a wide-ranging interview on issues related to sex discrimination and athletes, the new leader of America’s school systems addressed the bans and said it was “nonnegotiable that we’re going to

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Wayne Embry honored with statue, Civil Rights award at Miami University

OXFORD, Ohio – Wayne Embry tapped his palm on the wooden chair to his right when university president Gregory Crawford announced Embry and his late wife, Theresa “Terri” Embry, as the recipients of Miami University’s Freedom Summer of ’64 Award on Tuesday morning in Oxford.

A single red rose lay on the chair to honor Terri, who died in August 2020 at age 82. Embry, the former NBA player and executive who had previously been one of the first Black student-athletes at Miami, said he is only the recipient of about 25% of this award; Terri is the one who

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The Right’s New Higher-Ed Target Is Community Colleges

Higher ed is under attack, everywhere. We have grown to expect attacks on elite institutions, but now threats target regional and rural institutions, metastasizing. Conservatives are assaulting the very institutions that provide the surest access to higher education for their own constituents. A current case in point is what is happening at Northern Idaho College (NIC), a small, rural community college in Coeur D’Alene.

Early on a very cold Friday morning this past January, NIC Board Chair Todd Banducci sent five rapid-fire emails to the institution’s president, Nick MacLennan, giving the president “his marching orders.” Banducci was not happy.

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Ex-civil rights leader blasts Smith College for ‘perverting’ MLK legacy after meritless racism charge

Former civil rights leader Bob Woodson slammed Smith College on “The Story”  Tuesday after White service workers were forced to undergo anti-racism training despite an investigation into a bias claim turning up no evidence.

In 2018, student Oumou Kanoute, who is Black, was approached by a janitor and a police officer while eating in a closed dorm lounge and asked what she was doing there.

At the time, the local ACLU characterized the encounter as Kanoute being questioned for the crime of “eating while Black.” Kanoute accused the pair of campus employees of racially profiling her and posted pictures on

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Animal rights group critical of the University of Utah following inspection reports detailing deaths of lab monkeys

USDA inspection reports said animals overheated in cages and others died after botched surgeries.

(Rick Egan | Salt Lake Tribune file photo) A Common marmoset walks along the edge of the terrace on Sugarloaf Mountain, in Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, August 4, 2016. The University of Utah received two critical citations from the USDA in one report issued in October 2020, including one for the deaths of marmoset monkeys that became trapped in their nest box within their cage in August.

The University of Utah is under fire from an

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