June 15, 2021


U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona backs transgender athletes’ rights

U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona told ESPN that transgender girls have a “right to compete” and suggested that the Biden administration will step in to protect those students’ civil rights, as multiple states enact legislation banning transgender athletes from competing in girls’ and women’s sports.

On June 1, the first day of Pride Month, Florida became the eighth state to ban transgender athletes from girls’ and women’s competitions. In a wide-ranging interview on issues related to sex discrimination and athletes, the new leader of America’s school systems addressed the bans and said it was “nonnegotiable that we’re going to

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President Biden picks Gwen Graham for assistant secretary of education

Gwen Graham, a former congresswoman from Tallahassee and daughter of one of Florida’s most popular statesmen, has been tapped by President Joe Biden to a key advisory position in the Department of Education.

A political force in her own right with a penchant for hugging, Graham was one of eight nominees for key administrative posts announced by the White House Friday. 

Provided her nomination is confirmed by the Senate, Graham will become Assistant Secretary of Education for Legislation and Congressional Relations at the Department of Education.

Dig a little deeper:Who is Gwen Graham, nominated by Joe Biden for a

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Biden’s Troubling Pick for Deputy Secretary of Education

Joe Biden’s nominee for Deputy Secretary of Education apparently does not believe that it’s necessarily a serious issue if a child gets sexually assaulted at school. Nor does she believe that educators have any moral duty, beyond their bureaucratic obligations, to report such abuse to the authorities. These conclusions can be drawn from simply reading Cindy Marten’s own words—spoken under oath, on penalty of perjury.

Under Marten’s leadership, the San Diego Unified School District became notorious for sweeping sexual abuse under the rug. In 2019, the school district paid a $375,000 settlement to Michael Gurrieri, a former school district investigator

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The best career advice White House press secretary Jen Psaki ever got

Jen Psaki has a tough job as the White House press secretary with the Biden administration, but it’s not the first time she’s worked under pressure.

Prior to her current appointment, Psaki held several senior roles in the Obama administration, including deputy press secretary and deputy communications director during the financial crisis; State Department spokesperson under John Kerry; and later on White House communications director, which she assumed while six months pregnant.

Colleagues have noted her reputation for being approachable, friendly, unafraid to let her personality come through — and importantly, someone who gets “a lot of s— done.”

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Don’t force schools to give standardized tests this pandemic year, research scholars ask Education Secretary Cardona

The Education Department announced in February — before Cardona was confirmed by the Senate — that public school districts had to administer exams in math and English Language Arts required annually by the federal 2015 Every Student Succeeds Act, which replaced the 2002 No Child Left Behind law.

And as late as last week, Cardona said at an education forum that the department was planning to go ahead with its testing decision.

The high-stakes tests are given every spring as a central part of the two-decade-old school reform movement. Testing advocates say the exams provide vital data on how all

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US Secretary of Education cancels $1B of student loan debt

On Thursday, the U.S. Department of Education announced its new plan to help tackle debt for those who borrowed federal money to pay for student loans.

In a new streamlining process, borrowers who have approved claims that confirm their college or institution defrauded them or engaged in financial misconduct will be able to apply for full relief. 

Officials estimate that this could help about 72,000 borrowers receive $1 billion in loan cancellation.




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