June 15, 2021


Greater Minnesota colleges look to attract students after enrollment drop amid pandemic

DULUTH – Colleges in greater Minnesota are hoping to see student enrollment rebound in the coming school year after falling during the pandemic.

The University of Minnesota Duluth, the College of St. Scholastica and the University of Wisconsin-Superior were down between 4-6% in the 2020-21 school year.

Lake Superior College and St. Cloud State University were down as much as 10%. Those drops were steeper than the average 1% enrollment decline across Minnesota, according to a winter report by the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

Many traditional students chose gap years or wanted to stay closer to home, while some

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Republican Free Speech Tourists Cancel College Students and Ban Ideas

  • Conservatives have made “free speech” on campus a part of their brand.
  • But despite the posturing, many are just coyly-disguised censorious culture warriors gleefully using the levers of power to shut down speech that offends them. 
  • Two recent cases at Stanford University showed that the right can play “cry-bully” and “hall monitor” just as well as the “snowflakes” on the left that they abhor.
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One of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the heart of politically-progressive Silicon Valley

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College Charging $1,500 Fee Per Semester For Unvaccinated Students

Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee announced it will charge a fee for non-vaccinated students who wish to return to campus

As the United States vaccinates more Americans, we’re fast approaching a conundrum: how do we encourage people to get vaccinated, while still respecting the privacy of those who can’t get the jab. Schools, especially, have the task of keeping everyone on the property safe, which is why Rhodes College in Memphis, Tennessee, has come up with a plan: charge people who don’t get vaccinated and don’t have an honest medical reason for why not.

A local FOX

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Woman killed in DeSoto crash remembered for helping countless Dallas ISD students go to college

A Dallas high school community is devastated after a woman who has helped countless teens get on track to go to college lost her life in a car crash.

Dallas ISD colleagues and students are mourning the loss of a woman considered a mentor to many. She died Sunday after DeSoto police say

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Too ‘woke’ to work? Magazine editor says elite universities ‘damaging’ students

A magazine editor explained on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday why he’s reconsidering whether to hire Ivy league graduates.

“I would just say that 10 years ago I would have seen that as a big positive on their resume and now I see it as a negative that they have to overcome in the interview because obviously there is going to be great kids all over in higher [education] at different schools,” said the editor of “First Things” magazine Rusty Reno.

Reno said back then, the negative tendencies of Ivy League graduates was that they had a “sense of entitlement” and

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Many college students chose time off over remote learning during Covid

The Covid-19 pandemic was incredibly challenging for college students and when schools shut down and went to remote classes, many students chose to take time off — a gap year or even a gap semester — instead.

Postsecondary enrollments dropped 2.5% in the fall of 2020, nearly twice the rate of decline from a year earlier, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s December 2020 report. The NSCRC said the primary driver of that decline was a 3.6% drop in undergraduate enrollment.

Many students could no longer afford to enroll. Others didn’t want a diminished college experience as coronavirus

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