June 15, 2021


Heflin making most of surprisingly long Tennessee career

When people call you “Big Game Will” and your team loses a big game, it stings.

That’s the feeling Will Heflin had for much of the past week.

Heflin blamed himself — and erroneously so, according to his coaches and teammates — for coming up short in No. 2 Tennessee’s SEC Championship Game loss to No. 1 Arkansas on May 30 in Hoover, Ala.

That game was Heflin’s second start in four days, and he did a reasonable job containing arguably the most relentless offense in college baseball, especially considering the circumstances. He allowed

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Europe’s oldest known humans mated with Neandertals surprisingly often

When some of the earliest human migrants to Europe encountered Neandertals already living there around 45,000 years ago, hookups flourished.

Analyses of DNA found in human fossils from around that time — the oldest known human remains in Europe — suggest that interbreeding between Homo sapiens and Neandertals, who were on the fast track to extinction, occurred more commonly than has often been assumed, two new studies suggest. Both reports appear April 7 in Nature Ecology & Evolution.

Genetic evidence in the new reports indicates for the first time that distinct human populations reached Europe shortly after 50,000 years

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