June 15, 2021


Inclusive leadership training is key to career success and equity in science (opinion)

Leadership and inclusion skill sets are increasingly recognized as essential competencies for Ph.D. students and postdocs, or trainees, in the biological sciences. As today’s trainees enter the workforce in research, education, business and advocacy, they will become leaders tasked with creating a more equitable and inclusive culture of science.

To develop inclusive leadership competency, trainees should reflect on career goals and make a training plan that incorporates opportunities to build leadership experience and self-awareness. They should seek out such leadership experiences and be able to recognize and articulate to others their leadership skills. In addition, institutions and educators

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Time to focus on training beyond the classroom

Education staff across the UK have overcome plenty of challenges this past year, as the role they knew was transformed overnight. Could investing in professional development and upskilling in areas beyond the fundamentals of teaching pave the way for a happier workforce?

Staff retention in the education sector is reaching a crisis point, with existing pressures compounded by COVID-19. Anecdotally, this statement might not be surprising for anyone working in schools but new research has confirmed it’s a growing problem.

As many as one-in-three plan to quit the classroom within five years, according to a recent National Education Union survey.

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Master’s In Computer Training And Technology Online

This program will prepare students for careers in the computer subject. Students will set up, maintain, improve, and repair computer hardware & software program on workstations and network techniques. Upon profitable completion of this program, students will be able to diagnose hardware or software program failures and perform the actions essential to appropriate the issues based mostly on data of the system’s operation. The Computer Software Engineering Technology program prepares college students to design, develop, and construct customized software programs for particular applications. Specifically, college students will learn fundamental programming, tips on how to interpret specs, software of software structure, … Read More

If you want to launch a computer science career, this training can get you started for just $40

TLDR: The 2021 Complete Computer Science Training Bundle includes more than 210 hours of instruction in today’s hottest data science fields like artificial intelligence and machine learning.

If you ever stared at lines of computer code and felt like you were trying to decipher a foreign language, the state of Arkansas apparently agrees with you.

Under a bill currently being considered by Arkansas lawmakers, courses like programming, AP Computer Science Principles, and Computer Science Standard Level could soon be counted as a foreign language for state high school students. 

It’s easy to laugh at that idea, but when you think

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Training Teachers on Educational Technology, Now and for the Future

K-12 teachers are nearing the end of an extraordinarily challenging school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of them are very stressed out. From learning new technology on the fly to navigating between remote and in-person instruction, educators have faced many additional obstacles in the perennial struggle to engage students.

It hasn’t been an easy time to be a teacher, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel with COVID-19 vaccines and students returning to classrooms. Also, an Education Week Research Center survey found that almost half of teachers reported their ability to effectively use education technology

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Colleges should focus on education more than training about DEI issues (opinion)

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, colleges and universities across the country have enthusiastically embraced training as a tool to promote racial justice. These trainings go by different names, including sensitivity training, diversity training and antiracism training.

Here are some things training is good for: customer service, Excel and CPR. One thing it’s not good for: diversity, equity and inclusion.

At a time when trainings are proliferating across institutions of higher learning, people could be forgiven for confusing training with education. But they are vastly different and should be seen as such especially when it comes to issues of

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