June 15, 2021


Opinion | Are Vets and Pharmacists Showing How to Make Careers Work for Moms?

“It’s systemic,” Goldin told me. “We have to go back to the drawing board and think harder.” She argues that without addressing parenting, the solutions bandied about are “the economic equivalent of tossing a box of Band-Aids to someone with bubonic plague.”

When a child is sick, one parent — it’s usually the mom — has to extricate from work and rush to the pediatrician. In theory, father and mother could trade off these responsibilities, but then neither would make partner. So in practice the man is often the designated career maximizer, while the woman sacrifices career advancement for the

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Too ‘woke’ to work? Magazine editor says elite universities ‘damaging’ students

A magazine editor explained on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday why he’s reconsidering whether to hire Ivy league graduates.

“I would just say that 10 years ago I would have seen that as a big positive on their resume and now I see it as a negative that they have to overcome in the interview because obviously there is going to be great kids all over in higher [education] at different schools,” said the editor of “First Things” magazine Rusty Reno.

Reno said back then, the negative tendencies of Ivy League graduates was that they had a “sense of entitlement” and

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Pa. Christian college ends social work program citing gender, sex guidelines

Story by CLAUDIA LAUER, Associated Press

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A small Christian university outside Philadelphia shuttered its highly regarded social work program partly because school officials say the accrediting agency was attempting to impose sexuality and gender values that don’t align with the university’s religious mission.

According to those officials, the decision by the Cairn University Board of Trustees on May 24 had been under consideration for almost a year because of funding and enrollment concerns. They say the accreditation language was only one factor.

But representatives from the accrediting body – the Council on Social Work Education – said

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Career strategies for balancing grad school and full-time work (opinion)

Every February, my graduate program welcomes newly admitted students to an open house event to sit in on classes, meet faculty and current students, network with other prospective students, and preview what life in the program will look like come the fall semester. This past February in particular, prospective part-time master’s and doctoral students asked me questions about balancing a full-time job on campus with graduate school.

Although I ponder this issue often as an academic adviser and doctoral student at the University of Maryland, College Park, my answer is never as thorough or comprehensive as I would like it

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‘When you look back on your own career decades from now, make sure you can say that you’ve done the work of justice’

Credit: Lorin Granger

Assistant Professor of Law Nikolas Bowie ’14 was chosen by this year’s graduating class to receive the prestigious Albert M. Sacks-Paul A. Freund Award for Teaching Excellence. Bowie accepted the award on Class Day with a personal speech that stressed the importance of community and paid tribute to his mother, the acclaimed legal scholar and emerita HLS professor Lani Guinier.

Introducing Bowie on Wednesday morning, Class Marshall Zekariah McNeal ’21 said, “Upon entering the HLS community, we expected to find ourselves grappling with legal concepts under the tutelage of unparalleled professors. We came looking for teachers who

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FWP pulls back on science work | Local News

But the results of the Bitterroot study show why FWP should continue its deep science efforts, according to the Montana Wildlife Federation’s Nick Gevock, who testified against the wolf bills.

“Everybody was pointing the finger at wolves, and when we actually got in there, it was mountain lions and over-harvest by humans that was the problem,” Gevock said. Furthermore, trying to apply that study to northwest Montana risks more errors, because the habitat is different, climates have changed, logging and road levels don’t match and human demographics have shifted.

“FWP has long been respected not just in the United States

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